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Welcome from Executive Head Teacher

“Merton’s specialist education support schools and services have combined to form Melbury College; a partnership that includes the Smart Centre, Melrose School, the Merton Medical Education Service and the Merton Alternative Education Service. Our vision is to ensure that students who for one reason or another are finding it difficult to attend or make progress in the borough’s mainstream schools, are provided with an individualised curriculum that meets their needs and aspirations and the support that they and their family might need to help them to succeed.

Both Melrose and the Smart Centre have been judged ‘good’ with some outstanding features by Ofsted. We want to build upon this to create a more coordinated approach across this vital sector which delivers education to some of Merton’s most vulnerable students, many of whom have struggled with aspects of the curriculum in their former schools.

In Melrose’s recent Ofsted inspection the inspector judged that: “the majority of students make progress at or occasionally above levels expected nationally in mainstream schools with the progress of pupils receiving the pupil premium being ‘outstanding’”. The inspector was also impressed by the school’s curriculum and the high expectations that the teachers have of their pupils’ progress. The work that the school does to keep students safe and secure was also judged ‘outstanding’.

Similarly in its last inspection of the Smart Centre Ofsted praised the school’s approach to individualised work programmes, the work done by staff to help those students who had gaps in their learning, the school’s strong community spirit and the strong partnerships with students’ families.

This focus on partnership is a vital aspect of Melbury College’s work. We think it’s really important that we work with families and any other agencies that might be supporting them to deliver positive outcomes for our pupils.

The Merton Medical Education Service was established in its new base on the Canterbury Road site last year and delivers education to students who cannot attend school for medical reasons.

The Alternative Education Service has worked with mainstream schools for many years to place students in settings that offer a variety of vocational and academic programmes, many of which are not available in schools.

As individual schools and agencies we have been providing a really good service to Merton’s residents for years. Now we have the opportunity to go a step further in combining our experience and talents to deliver to a wider group of students an even more positive experience.”

For more information about the new Melbury College contact Carla Chandler at: headteacher@melrose.merton.sch.uk
Carla Chandler
Executive Head Teacher



Welcome from Head of Melrose

We are a small secondary special school in the London Borough of Merton. Our Pupils have experienced a variety of issues within mainstream settings and all have either a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education and Health Care Plan.

Our pupils benefit from small classes and access to a range of GCSE qualifications, as well as the close relationships that are developed within a small setting where everyone knows each other and works together. We work closely with a range of professionals, with our own Safer Schools Officer on site twice a week, a Speech and Language therapist, Educational Psychologist and CAMHS worker are all based at Melrose on one day a week. All our pupils have access to 1:1 mentoring sessions that are overseen by our experienced Greenhouse Mentor, who is a full time member of staff, he also provides a holiday program for part of the school holiday periods.

We aim for all our pupils to leave school with a minimum of eight qualifications and progress to College, a Traineeship or Apprenticeship at the end of year 11. For pupils in year 10 and 11, we also have links with Colleges and alternative education providers that provide a range of vocational courses in Construction, Mechanics and Catering. Our curriculum offers both traditional GCSE courses and is enhanced by a range of Social Development Opportunities. These focus on pupils learning to work in groups and engage in a variety of activities to motivate and engage them in a positive learning culture, such as indoor rock climbing, ice skating, sound engineering and music production.
Mandy Skinner
Head of Melrose



Statutory Information

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